Bishnoi saves deer, deers in bishnoi village, bishnoi saves wildlife
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An Eco Dharma

Bishnoi Save a Trees, Bishnoi do not kat trees No other religion or faith has given so much importance to environment protection as given by Bishnoism.

Now every one is concerned about danger of global warming and increase of carbon dioxide gas emissions but visionary Guru Jambheswar Ji knew this danger >500 years ago, hence emphasized necessity of eco balance between human and Mother Nature.

To make sure that people follow basic principles of environment conservation, he included 2 rules of environment protection in 29 principles of Bishnoism.

Rule 19 is, “RUNKH LILA NAHI GHAVE” means, Do not cut the green trees and Rules 18 is, “JEEV DAYA PALNI” means, Be compassionate towards all livings.(don’t kill or torture animals)

Bisnoism is based on principle of non violence and teaches about love and harmony among human, trees, animals & the whole nature.

In many other shabads also Guru Ji advised not to kill animals and not to cut trees e.g.Bishnoi Save a Trees, Bishnoi do not kat trees

Shabad-7, “KANY KATI BAN RAYO” means, Why you cut green forest.

Shabad-9, “JEEVA UPPER JOR KARIJE, ANTKAL HOYSI BHARU” means, If you are showing your power on animals (by killing or torturing), your end time will be painful.

Shabad-10, “RE BINHI GUNHE JEEV KYON MARO” means, Why you are killing innocent animals without their fault.

Shabad-44, “KAY NA PALI JEEV DAYO” means, why you are not kind to animals.

Shabad-64, “JEEV VINASHE LAHE KARNE” means, Why you kill animals for your selfishness.

Sabad-85, “JAYO JEEV NA GHAI” means, Don’t kill live beings.

Bishnois accepted Guru Ji’s these environment friendly rules by heart and have been following honestly for last 5 centuries.

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