1. Eight weeks Training Course on Construction Management Techniques and Advanced Civil Engineering, developed and
    conducted jointly by National Institute for Training in Industrial Engineering (NITIE) and Indian Institute of Technology,
    Bombay (IIT Bombay) for Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) in April-May 1988.
  2. Two weeks training course on Finite Element Method at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT Madras) in December 1991.


In this Shabad Guru ji explained the consequences of not worshipping the God (Vishnu) and not doing the good works with examples. Guru ji used very simple examples so that local illiterate village people can understand easily. Although each example carry a very deep knowledge & spiritual meaning.

An Eco Dharma

No other religion or faith has given so much importance to Bishnoi Save a Trees, Bishnoi do not kat trees environment protection as given by Bishnoism.

Now every one is concerned about danger of global warming and increase of carbon dioxide gas emissions but visionary Guru Jambheswar Ji knew this danger >500 years ago, hence emphasized necessity of eco balance between human and Mother Nature.

Buyers Agent Melbourne For Those With Limited Time

People are very busy today. There are a lot of things they have to get done each day. Many people find it hard to get the process of buying a home in gear. In that case, they have many options. One such option is what is known as a buyers agent Melbourne. This is someone who is empowered to act on behalf of any buyer. For busy people, the individual can accomplish a great many things on their behalf. The buyers agent Melbourne can scout out available homes for them to investigate when they have time. The agent can also bring them information about regional areas of interest and what kind of housing market they’ll find there.

Buyers Agent Melbourne Take Care Of All Legalwork

The legwork is an essential part of buying any property. Those who are interested in buying a property need to make a lot of choices before they start. They need to think about the kind of budget they have in mind as well as the areas they find most attractive. Each person also needs to think about when they plan to buy a home and when they would like to move in. For many people, other factors also enter into this equation. They might have other members of the household they need to consider before they buy a home. The buyers agent Melbourne can be there for them to help get this all done before they sit down and begin to look at properties in person.

Buyers Agent Melbourne To Visit Properties

A person may also not have enough time to visit properties in person. The buyers agent Melbourne can be there to see if a given property meets their personal specifications. For example, if someone wants a house that has at least five bedrooms, they might still be open to a home that only has four bedrooms. The agent can be there to examine these properties in person and see if this is a situation that’s going to work for them. A buyers agent Melbourne can see new properties that are just on the market and see if these meet their criteria. This is someone who can help selection. This can help save people the time they need while narrowing down their choice of properties.

Find Buyers Agent Melbourne To Save Time

The buyer may also not have enough time to speak directly with a seller. They might have a list of questions they would like answered before they see the property. The agent can pose these questions to the sellers for them. They can also help them decide if a bid is going to be accepted. Sometimes, a buyers agent Melbourne may be in a hurry to sell. The agent can help figure out if this is the case or if the seller may have more time. This can be useful if there is a property they see and really want but may not have the time to spend hours engaging in negotiation. The agent can be there to help them get this process done until they can put in a bid.

Reasons To Hire A Buyers Agent Melbourne

If you are thinking about fulfilling your dreams of buying a new home, it is important that you do your homework before getting started. Also, since the buying process may not be as simple as most people may think, you may want to consider hiring a buyers agent Melbourne. Here are 3 great reasons why their role is invaluable.

Buyers Agent Melbourne To Protect Your Interest

When you hire a buyers agent Melbourne, you will have someone who plays the role of protecting your interest. This is how to increase your chances. Without this professional on your side, other players (i.e. listing agents) in this real estate sale will be working to ensure you pay the highest price possible. For instance, when a listing agent is involved in the purchase of the home that you are interested in, they are paid a commission based on the price that you pay for the property. Simply put, the listing agent’s role is to make sure the seller gets the highest price so that they can get a bigger cut.

Finding Your Dream Home With A Buyers Agent Melbourne

Once you find your dream home and you are ready to make an offer, your goal is to buy the home at the lowest possible price. In order to achieve what you are really trying to do, you need someone who is already skilled in negotiating the price to make it happen. The best negotiator that can handle this type of transaction for you is the buyers agent Melbourne and not the listing agent. A good professional is solely on your team in the negotiation process. Their primary role is to ensure you get the keys to your home without the listing agent and seller of the home receiving the better deal at your expense.

Highly Trained Buyers Agent Melbourne

Because buyers agent Melbourne is trained in knowing what you should look for in a new property, they can help you identify issues down the road that you may not catch. The advice that they give will help you in picking up the smallest details that will either make the home a good buy or a terrible choice for your family in the future. Unlike the average home buyer, some things are easy to miss or the buyer may simply settle for features that they really do not like for the price. Either way, the buyers agent Melbourne has been trained to steer their clients to a home that will fit the buyer’s needs as the best match.

Reason 4: Fees for the Buyers Agent Melbourne is the Responsibility of the Seller

When you hire a buyers agent Melbourne to help you with purchasing your new home, you really do not have anything to lose in these transactions. This is because the cost of their services is paid by the seller. In short, all of the commission and fees do not come out of your pocket but the other side (the seller of the home).

Before Hiring A Buyers Agent Melbourne

There are many things you’ll need to know when you’re going to buy a home. It can be really hard to keep track of as it goes on. Having as many people as possible along with you is essential. One person who people have turned to during this process is what is known as a buyers agent Melbourne. This is someone who can be of value to you during every single stage of this process. This person can assist you as the home buying process begins. They can help you find properties, put in a bid for the right amount of money and then see that all gets done before you make that big move.

Questions To Ask A Buyers Agent Melbourne

All home buyers have questions about a home before they make the decision to buy. They might be unsure which area of Melbourne is right for them. A buyer may also be unaware of exactly what’s involved in the process of buying. This is where the buyers agent Melbourne can come to the rescue. The professional knows exactly what it takes to buy a home in this part of the world. They will help you sort out any questions and concerns you might have before it all begins. Speaking to an expert can help you think about the next steps you’re going to take and why. A buyers agent Melbourne can help clarify why you want to buy a property in Melbourne and when you plan to begin.

Process Of Buying Property Using A Buyers Agent Melbourne

As the process of buying property continues, you’ll often have a lot of questions that you need to think about. For example, you might see an apartment you love. Deciding what to do next is essential. The buyers agent Melbourne can help you choose what to do next. In a buyer’s market you’ll have lots of leverage when it comes to putting in a bid. However, in a seller’s market, you might need to move fast or the property might be snatched up by someone else. The agent can help you figure out exactly what to do next and operate in your self interest.

Buyers Agent Melbourne Inspection

A bid may seem like the end is in sight. In many case, there are still a lot of steps you’ll need to complete to get the property you want. You might need to have an inspection from buyers agent Melbourne to see if the property in question meets all codes. You might also want to negotiate for certain amenities. For example, if the owner has a furnishings that you like, you might be able to buy them for a small fee. A buyers agent Melbourne can clear up all questions you might have when anything unexpected happens. This can help with planning for your purchase. Sometimes the buying process is easy once the bid you’ve put in is accepted. In other cases, you might still have a lot of hoops in your way before you can move in. You should have someone with you who is there at every single turn.

Our Experience With Buyer Marketing

The experience of purchasing a home is an intense and lengthy process that can add deep and lasting value to a family moving and relocating. Relocation because of the job is one of the main reasons why many homeowners are reaching out to Buyer Marketing to help them with the lengthy process of purchasing a home when they cannot be there to do the leg work for themselves. On the other hand, if you already live in metropolitan areas and you are in search of a new property, then you may need a professional in your home to help you find your new home. Below are a few needs where hiring a Buyer Advocate may prove to be helpful.

Top Reasons To Hire Buyer Marketing

  • Selling and Buying a Home
  • Ability for Auction Bidding
  • Auction Negotiations Experience
  • Off Market Property Purchases
  • Property Investment Strategies
  • Wide Inventory of Properties

Current Property Market For Buyer Marketing

Properties come and go off the market daily in Melbourne. Today there are as many as 2300 properties available for sale at any one time, and a Buyer Marketing Real Estate negotiator will add a lot to the equation for a person wanting to find the best property. Even if you could meet ten property owners a day, it would take at least a year to reach that many property managers and owners. Having a Buyer Marketing home buyer working on your side will give you many advantages. There are businesses that offer a full range of negotiation and contract solutions to the home buyer that can make the home search easier to handle.

Unlisted Properties By Buyer Marketing

Often new properties come on the market that is not listed in the newspapers but is government seized properties and are registered through government websites. Professional Buyer Marketing investigators and negotiators will have access to these properties because of their credentials and real estate licenses; furthermore, they would have the professional connections to make the best negotiations with the government because of their experience and reputation.

Buying Off Market Properties

Whether you are buying to invest or want to buy a property that is not on the market, a Buyer Marketing team can provide for a purchaser the best route to take and offer professional recommendations at terms that benefit both the client and the owner. Professional real estate negotiators are familiar with how property will grow in value over time and give the best estimate of how a property will appreciate over time. Some Buyer Marketing firms purchase 50% Off their homes before they go onto the market and nearly 25% from owners off-market.

Getting Someone to Close the Deal

Using a buyer advocate in Melbourne may mean the difference between having the property you want through strong negotiation skills offered through your advocate and not having the property at all. Having the best negotiators and closers on your side will allow you to walk away with the best features with the highest appreciation. Having huge future profits is one reason why more property investors are turning to use Buyer Marketing negotiation firms.

Negotiations For Buyers Advocate Melbourne

Let’s paint a scenario where you would need a buyer advocate to see how it would work. Whether you are the client or the client hires you to negotiate a deal for them, the process will work the same. For this example, you are moving from New Delhi to Melbourne in 6 months and are in a piece of real estate. Your limits are capped at $300K and need it completely furnished. You will be commuting from the Melbourne Business School, where you will be teaching, and you want your residence to be within driving distance. You are interested in staying within the Kensington, Flemington, or Parkville suburb area. Since you cannot be there, you contact a professional group of buyers advocate Melbourne to do the negotiations for you. This is a way to find a solution. Below is a chart of what to expect will follow after your initial contact with your Buyers Advocate Group.

Steps In Hiring A Buyers Advocate Melbourne

  • A.Creating a Plan
  • B.Developing a Strategy
  • C.Locate Your Property
  • D.Evaluate for Client
  • E.Negotiate a Price
  • F.Deliver to Client

Ask Questions To A Buyers Advocate Melbourne

Your first phone call will be filling in the buyers advocate Melbourne planners with all of the details of your move. By the end of your phone conversations, e-mails, and other communications, your advocates will have a perfect understanding of what kind of real estate sought. They will also ask questions about price limits which you are willing to buy, the areas in which you want to live, and the time you want to stay in these preliminary phone calls. In the case of purchasing a home rather than leasing a condo, this will change your circumstance.

Develop A Strategy With Buyers Advocate Melbourne

If you are working with a large firm of buyers advocate Melbourne Strategist, they will develop a specific strategy to find the property you have outlined in your communications with them. At this point, you will only be in touch with the strategist as they draw close to finding several properties you’ve voiced interest. Since you have already shared with them, the three significant suburbs you are interested in, you are confident that this is where they are focusing on their strategy.

Reliable Suggestions

The buyers advocate Melbourne have taken into consideration all of your recommendations and arrived some reliable suggestions after their professional evaluation team has completed their search. Once the Buyers Advocate Melbourne Team has located your property, they will send you all of the needed information so you can choose 1-3 of the features found and give them to go-ahead to start negotiations.

Negotiate a Price and Delivery

The final two stages will take the longest, which is the Negotiation and Delivery of your sought after property from your Buyers Advocate Melbourne Negotiating Team. The final decisions will be yours, but it may take several negotiation meetings with the seller as well as your negotiators. You can be satisfied that you have saved a tremendous amount of time and money by allowing someone else to locate, negotiate, and close your deal.